Irene Worthington Baron

BOOK: Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery


Irene Baron [say: I-rene Bear-on] is author of Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery. Many people have questioned what the Christmas star was. Ms. Baron answered their questions in her book. You can learn more about Irene Baron at her website, Welcome Irene Baron. What's the most important facts about the Christmas star you want our audience to know? 


How did you learn about the Christmas star?
What did you find difficult in your research?
How did you know it wasn’t an exploding star? (called a nova or supernova)
What was the Christmas star?
How long did it take for you to find the star?
What time of day did ancient astronomers use to study their skies?
What surprised you about your research?
I understand you found more than one celestial announcement for Christ’s birth. What were the other announcements?
Could someone who doesn’t know much about astronomy understand your book?


Irene Baron began studying astronomy in college. She taught astronomy at the high school level and ancient scriptures as a teenager by borrowing books from local churches and personal libraries of many pastors. When NASA sent her almost 70 astronomy computer programs, she researched information about ancient astronomers and their beliefs. With that information and after several years of working with the astronomy software, she discovered the Christmas star and wrote about it in the book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery.

Irene wrote another book about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.
An internationally famous song was produced in 2017 asking questions about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Baron found that most people had no idea who Mary was. To correct that lack of knowledge, she researched ancient scriptures, compiled information, and created a historical narrative to make those scriptures understandable by present day readers. She produced the book, MARY KNEW- A Biography About Mary From Ancient Scriptures. 


Author of award winning book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery.
It was recognized as an exemplary Christian education book of the year it was published. Irene Baron used NASA provided software to locate the Christmas star.
Having taught science & astronomy, she understood the movements of the night sky.
Researching ancient astronomy and astrology symbols and symbolism enabled her to understand the full message God provided.

ENDING WITH: How can our listeners learn more about the Christmas star?

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