Irene Worthington Baron


 NASA Night Sky Network

Logo Night Sky NetworkIn September of 2013 the ZZanesville-Astronomy-Club-Logo by Irene Baronanesville Astronomy Club was recognized as an affiliate member of the NASA Night Sky Network.

The mission of the Zanesville Astronomy Club meets the criteria for affiliate membership in the NASA Night Sky Network.

That mission is to provide public outreach about astronomy. The Night Sky Network, an internationally recognized organization, is a partnership of NASA, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The National Science Foundation, the Astronomical League and amateur astronomy clubs across the nation.

In 2002, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific conducted a survey of amateur astronomers to learn about the different types of outreach by amateurs. They found the amateur astronomers expressed the need for support for their outreach efforts.

The primary requests included: materials on themed topics, training in the use of provided materials, effective ways to communicate with varied audiences, and networking with other amateur astronomers doing outreach.                                                                             

 The NIGHT SKY NETWORK was inaugurated to help meet these needs. It was developed with an advisory team of amateur astronomy clubs. 

At their website, the Night Sky Network provides information such as local, state and national events, educational astronomy activities, videos, games, and other astronomy resources for ages pre-school through adult.

Monthly meetings of the Zanesville Astronomy Club are held the second Saturday of each month at the Lewis Observatory located adjacent to the Rogge Pavilion on the Ohio University Zanesville campus in Zanesville, Ohio. The 17-inch Newtonian reflector telescope in the observatory is used for celestial observations.

Club founder, Irene Baron, invites community members of all ages to enjoy viewing the galaxies, nebulae, stars, the Moon and planets.

Amateur astronomers meet and greet at meetings as they regularly share their knowledge, time, and telescopes to bring all aspects of our amazing night sky to the public. Amateur astronomers are interested in presenting their family, friends and the public with engaging and entertaining ways to learn about basic astronomy concepts. It is one of NASA's educational goals as well as to improve the American Public's understanding of astronomy. By being an affiliate of the NASA Night Sky Network we work with other national and international astronomy organizations. Materials are provided to our members through free meetings and workshops open to members of the southeastern Ohio community.