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My writing process involves my personal accumulation of knowledge through research or experience. “Write what you know,” experts expound. I DO!

I write ‘Speculative Fiction.” The speculative part of my adventure series is my heroine who uses her telepathic powers to help the United States government find terrorists. I have studied all I can about animal and human brains and minds for years and sincerely appreciate the magazine ‘Scientific American MIND.’ That periodical publishes current research and data concerning the brain/mind and delivers it to my mailbox. When it arrives, I clear my mind while making a large, delicious coffee concoction  with  milk, cinnamon, vanilla and sweetener. Then I read! That’s one pleasurable form of data accumulation.

Prior to setting anything down on paper, I have each story in my mind. Researching and collecting data for all aspects of the stories is the fun part.  I love to access data and put it together. Since the 80’s I have embraced technology. In the 1990’s I was consequently named  Ohio Technology Teacher of the Year by AT&T and a Governor’s Fellow for the same achievement. I can usually find what I’m looking for. By extensively searching electronic sites for international terrorist information over the last few years, I assume NSA’s highly classified data accumulation site in Bluffdale, Utah has me targeted to copy/store my communications. Their ‘Bumblehive” is an intelligence community with comprehensive cyber-security designed to monitor, strengthen and protect our nation. The sign outside their facility states, “Welcome to the Utah Data Center. IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR. I have nothing to conceal except my thrilling and adventurous fiction manuscripts. My novel writing laptop never sees the Internet. I use my desktop computer for acquisition of data.

Having studied all the sciences, I’m not limited to one field of expertise.  Science fields I have studied include: Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geology, Marine Biology, Meteorology, Mineralogy, Morphology, Oceanography, Physics, and Vulcanology.

Through Battelle Memorial Institute I was trained in England to be an Information Specialist in fields of Coordinate Indexing, Information Retrieval Thesauri, Information Systems, Operations, Procedural Steps, Relationships of Knowledge/Information/Data Syntactical Problems, etc. Before computers were on the scene I could take a book and put it into a few key words for information retrieval in systems such as the Remote Area Conflict Information Center (RACIC).  I became word-succinct and precise which transferred into nonfiction and fiction creations. Such a talent can also be a drawback when detail is needed.

Other aspects of character development have been helped by my athletic background to include swimming (taught all swim courses for ARC 14+ years and was county Water Safety Director), canoeing instructor, National Ski Patrol member, surfer, member of city junior tennis team, college basketball, etc. Using my experiences, my older brother said, “If anyone wants to know what the future ‘in’ sport will be, check out what Irene is doing now.” It was coincidence that my involvements became popular activities.

As a pilot I know enough to ensure my current heroine can fly and does so to save people from a desperate situation.

With the ARC I was an Advanced First Aid instructor and taught the renewal courses for Local Ski Patrol and National Ski Patrol members in Ohio. This gave me proficiency to address gunshot wounds, broken bones, and other injuries characters experience.

Having lived in Southeast Asia and Europe and traveled to 27-countries provided much enrichment into areas not seen or experienced by most persons. As my heroine and hero try to save the world from terrorists, readers will learn more about culture, religions and geography of specific areas of the world than they would ever learn from a travel guide. Their eyes will also be opened to technologies still in research stages but used as everyday materials and occurrences in my stories.

I can accumulate data in many fields to assimilate in original ways. For example, a person expert in Chemistry may have no idea how the information they hold can be instrumental in determining answers to such phenomena as atmospheric sprites. By being able to integrate information, readers may be astounded or shocked as they laugh at situations. Persons reading my adventure novels will have ‘aha’ moments throughout the material and eyes opened to new experiences. Readers will not be able to distinguish between fact and fiction. I wish to bring readers pleasure and excitement as they open their eyes and minds to experience the world in a new way.

When material I need cannot be found, I utilize reference librarians who order it for me using interlibrary loan. One advisor suggested I read a film script to compare what is necessary in a story to fluff. I ordered an eye-opening ‘Raiders Of the Lost Arc” script which the library obtained it within a few days. That script taught me how to utilize a Director’s eyes to create incidents in my novels which could easily be adapted to film. Those thoughts are in the back of my mind during creation of every scene.

Because of presenting material not experienced before, editors are delighted to edit my manuscripts. One said she kept becoming so engrossed in the storyline she had to edit from the back of the book. Such comments give me pleasure knowing I’m doing something right.

I have the storylines in my mind, accumulate data I need and put the information together in a manuscript. Dialogue and interesting details may be tweaked later. Each manuscript has a folder in my WORD program including sections of “edits” which contain material removed from the story. I keep all edits in case I want to use it later.

I find it most difficult to decide where to start each story. The first novel in the MINDREACHER series has had the first chapter changed several times. I also try to make sure I don’t ‘teach’ the reader. I don’t want my series to be boring.

I find it difficult to keep words and ideas at a level easily understood. Writers have been informed their books must stay at a 5th or 6th grade reading level for American readers. I hope my words are enticing, exciting and different, yet easily understood.

I have been blessed to experience much in my life. I want to ensure some of the knowledge gained will be appreciated by readers. Yet I don’t want to use ‘insider’ language to exclude anyone not familiar with activities presented. To include data or not? Big question. I hope I answered the question positively to create thrilling adventures into which readers can escape.

I read constantly, finishing a book in a few days. When I read I block out the world. I look for thick books that will take time to finish. My Kindle has close to 400-books but I prefer paperbacks. I am so active I don’t take time to post to organizations such as Good Reads which is recommended for authors. A definite failing! I also don’t take enough time to query agents and publishers. Currently, I can’t afford big conferences.

My writing process involves my personal accumulation of knowledge through research or experience. “Write what you know,” experts expound. I DO!



Author:  Mekong River Handbook:  Geology & Hydrology sections.

Author: Operational Procedures Manual: Laboratory Material Division (all levels) for Battelle Memorial Institute, Office Secretary of Defense/Advanced Research Projects Agency/Research &Development Center, Supreme Command Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand.

Author/Illustrator: Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery; First Place Gold Medal, Illumination Awards for 2013 Exemplary Christian Education Book

Author/Illustrator: The Circus Clown Alphabet – An Illustrated Book

Authored & implemented successful grants & proposals: physical plant renovations, construction projects, equipment, academic programs, professional educational development.

Information Specialist:  Information Systems Research Division, Battelle Memorial Institute, OSD/ARPA/R&D Center-T, (Engineers Joint Council-Coordinate Indexing, Operations, Procedural Steps, Information Systems, Syntactical Problems, Information Retrieval Thesauri, Relationships of Knowledge/Information/Data, etc.)

Literacy;  Computer use 30+years, Publisher, Word Perfect, Word, Vernier/sensors, Photoshop, etc

Web Page Construction:, etc.


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