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What drives you as a storyteller?
Does your work generally have a message or purpose


Research for my NONFICTION book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, began when I unexpectedly received over 50-NASA astronomy computer programs. My purpose was to use computers to find the Christmas star and then let everyone know about it.

Speculation about the Christmas star has run rampant over the centuries. Knowing the NASA computer programs were precise and mathematically accurate, once I located the ‘star,’ the factual data would stop endless speculation and erroneous theories.

What made the research results startling was the finding of additional ‘star’ messages occurring a few months prior to the GPS type marker star over Bethlehem. Finding those were exciting ‘aha’ moments. The downfall was that no record of the previous star messages were in the Bible. All anyone in Herod’s court needed to know was about the position marker star being followed. Herod nor anyone in his court apparently never asked any of the astronomers/king/Wisemen/magi/magicians, “How did you find out WHO was being born?” All he and others of his court knew was there was a star showing the LOCATION of the new God. Those following the ‘star’ as it moved across the sky would eventually come across the birthplace of the new God.

During the radio interview with Drew Mariani on the Catholic radio network, Drew made the comment that he always wondered why God, who was so powerful and omnipotent, used only one “dinky” star to announce the birth of Jesus Christ. My information opened up an understanding that God did present powerful messages. The ancient astronomers, who could predict the star movement years in advance, knew years prior to the event who was being born and how the birthplace could be found.

Think of all the questions about those astronomers in intelligent nations who read the stars and made their predictions. National leaders had to be informed and preparation begun for diplomats to honor the new God by visiting the birth family. As mentioned in my book, preparations may have taken several years as delegations were chosen, travel arrangements made, gifts chosen, protocols followed, etc. Everyone in power probably wanted to be part of the entourage to witness what the stars predicted would be the most powerful God in the universe. All the other minor gods during celestial movements bowed to the new God.

Religious leaders are required to use and teach only from the Old & New Testaments. They would not be permitted to use other facts unless they were confirmed or recognized by a religious leader, such as the reigning Pope. It wasn’t until 1951 that Pope Pius XII gave a speech before the Pontifical Academy of Sciences with reference to the Big Bang theory stating, “… it would seem that present-day science, with one sweep back across the centuries, has succeeded in bearing witness to the august instant of the primordial Fiat Lux [Let there be Light], when along with matter, there burst forth from nothing a sea of light and radiation, and the elements split and churned and formed into millions of galaxies.”

Although many amateur astronomers have verified my data, there is perhaps no funding for professional astronomers to do the same. Until then, there will most likely be no official recognition of my newly found data from religious leaders. Those interested in Archaeoastronomy, astronomy and studies of the ancient astronomers will welcome the facts with pleasure.

The purposes of my FICTION ADVENTURE NOVELS are to bring readers astonishment and pleasure by opening their eyes to aspects of Earth and activities they had never considered while being entertained with an exciting adventure. I have been fortunate to be given unique experiences around the globe in ways the average person would never conceive. The stories present technology still in research stages as though such technology were common place. Readers will not be able to distinguish fact from fiction.
Scientists and technology buffs will delight in the stories as the medical community learns about workings of the human mind and how it may be used to benefit mankind. Military readers will appreciate the respect and honor they are given throughout the stories. Persons of all religions will appreciate experiencing aspects of religions in SE Asia and other areas of the world not normally seen/witnessed by tourists. There is something for everyone in this adventure series. The second fast-paced novel of the series will give readers ‘aha’ moments by the dozen.

In the first novel, with terrorism proliferating and nuclear threats against the USA pronounced, the government needs a way to identify terrorists. They begin by using my telepathic heroine, an innocent middle-aged teacher discovered in the Midwest. She is provided with a elite Marine bodyguard (who happens to hate psychics of any type) and sent around the world to find a MINDREACHER, one of over twenty superior telepaths born in Johannesburg, South Africa in the 70’s and hidden from the world as babies by their families. Terrorists don’t want to be found and want her eliminated.

Think of my fiction stories as a mix between Indiana Jones and the Clive Cussler type adventure stories with a telepath thrown into the mix. Humor, excitement, fun galore! If you have a vivid imagination, you may think of a telepathic Mrs. Pollifax-type heroine being thrown into the modern world of intrigue. That the heroine uses telepathy is the bonus. Of course the military wants her talents along with other government defense organizations. Once the medical community learns of her talents, they drool. She left teaching high school to work for the highly classified Virtual ExtraSensory Perception Experimental Research project (VESPER). (Yes, she used telepathy in the classroom to control students, and yes, she is a pilot! Other telepathic uses will bring amazement and smiles to readers.) Telepathic talents she had formerly been forbidden to use become respected and desired by the U.S. government. Gung ho, my telepath!

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