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I'm not sure what is happening, but there are more hits on my website during this July than I've had since December of 2011.  I think people are beginning to verify what I found. How thrilling!  Thanks for the emails.

From your emails I learned many of you are waiting for the paperback version.  I expect it to be on the market by September.  At least I hope so.  I have a lot of friends I want to send a copy to.  I recommend as a primary source of the book Unraveling the CHRISTMAS STAR Mystery.

The digital versions of books are okay, but I like to hold a book in my hands when I read it.  A book also weighs less than a digital reader. I keep many texts in my reference library and want to be able to grab them to check something without having to boot up an electronic device. A lot of persons think the digital book is the way to go.  I do appreciate digital devices to store books and the fact that local and state public libraries offer thousands of free editions. To return them to the library, all you have to do is delete them from your electronic reader. 

I have been hearing about the electric power outages in India and wondered how such an outage in the United States would affect the availability of E-books. If they will not be available during a power outage, I will become much more appreciative of my personal hard copies of reference and cook books!

I collect outstanding pop-up books and often receive them as gifts.  They are a delight to read as I ponder how the artists designed all the various sections and myriad types of activities within them. There is no way an electronic book could ever bring the pleasure of a pop up book.  There are so many created for adults now. Two of my favorite pop up books include: The 12 Days of Christmas by Robert Sabuda and Frank Lloyd Wright in pop up by Iain Thomson. I especially enjoy putting a few on the coffee table during dinner parties.  The "ohhh's" and "aahhh's" are fun to hear.  Teen agers seem to appreciate them as much as adults.

Check out the pop up books next time to go to the book store.

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