Irene Worthington Baron


The final changes in the interior design for the paperback version of Unraveling the CHRISTMAS STAR Mystery have been made.  Being that it is a solid book, the index can now be added.  As a digital book, I was told that was impossible. I was dismayed at the face but understood the logic behind it.

Every electronic reader is a different size with different page set ups.  That makes an index not usable.  Now, however, the prepared index will be at the back of the book.  This will make using the book easier to use for home schoolers, teachers, Sunday School instructors, Bible scholars and others doing research when trying to find special text items.  I am pleased that the book will have an index!  How wonderful for readers! 

Looking forward to the end result, I think readers will be glad to finally be able to hold the research results in their hands.

This will make a wonderful gift book for our youth, teenagers, families, parents, pastors, libraries and many others. 

Keep reading! :-)

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