Irene Worthington Baron


I just learned that the book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, will be put for sale as an eBook by the end of this week.  I think the data presented in this book will be readily received by Christians wanting validation of the Holy Bible.  There is no refuting mathematics.  Mathematics runs the computer programs.  The movements of the objects in the sky are so mathematically precise their locations can be determined centuries in the future.  In the same manner, their motions and positions can also be determined at specific dates in the past.  That is exactly what I asked computers to do.  Over several years I surveyed 15-years of sky for about 7-years before and after the year 0000. Many astronomers used evening skies to try to find the Christmas star event.  After studying ancient history, archeology, ancient astronomy and ancient carvings and wall art, I learned the sky was observed in the predawn and dawn hours.  Therefore that is the time of day targeted by the computer programs I used. 

Not only did I have to find significant events, I had to know the symbolism of such events in order to determine that ancient astronomers would interpret the event/s to predict the birth of what they considered the greatest God of the universe being born on Earth.  It is amazing to know our heavenly Father arranged it all at the moment of creation.  I am astounded and humbled at his works.  He arranged everything for the greatest heavenly birth announcement of all time to occur in history precisely when it could be interpreted correctly by the humans living at that time.  In that fullness of time, their mathematics was great enough, as was their study of celestial objects and astronomy, that they could predict the celestial happenings for years in advance.  Once they determined where the God of the universe was being born, they had time to prepare their entourages in order to travel there with gifts to greet this God.   Everything was perfection.  What is amazing is that there was not just one event, but TEN HUGE EVENTS SIGNALING THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST, one after another.  Each was more spectacular than the preceding one up to the culminating event pointing to the location of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Being proven by the computers tells everyone they can verify the information.  Isn't that G R E A T ?  The Holy Bible is once again proven to be true!


Irene, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I enjoyed reading “Unraveling.” Our God is aweinspiring in the way he has created the universe with so many stories to tell. I consider my self Biblically literate and constantly on the search to now more about our creator and his wonders. While I knew that the heavens contained symbols and prophetic signals, my knowledge in that area is very limited. Thank you for your work in building that body of knowledge and understanding. Many of your descriptions of celestial events are beautiful and brilliant. It would be useful to the non-astronomers to ad more illustrations or even artists renderings of what the “Magi” would see in the sky. Maybe then we could grasp the brilliance of some of these events. Again, Thank you for your work and Merry Christmas!
I am looking forward to reading your book. One of my first questions is going to be, based on your research, what date and year do you believe Christ was born? I will have many other quesitons but I will wait until I read the book.

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