Irene Worthington Baron


In writing the exciting paranormal thriller trilogies, I had to do some research.  Granted, teaching science, including forensics, for so many years, I gained much information. I think I wove it successfully throughout my book. Therefore, readers will find it difficult to tell the fact from fiction.  This manual, however, is one I needed to read and use.  It is well written and for the instructor.  I did find one error on page 56 concerning the humidity in the air and how it affects the trajectory of the bullet.  The manual stated the air is more dense when there is a high humidity.  That is incorrect.  Having taken the Meteorology course using the U.S. Navy text book, and having studied and passed my pilot certification tests, I learned that dry air is more dense.

This manual is not the most recent one.  I expect that error has been corrected by now.

Thank you everyone for the emails you have sent. I always appreciate your comments. Expect THE JO'BURG PROJECT - A Paranormal Thriller this fall in paperback format. You will enjoy how I used this manual to create an interesting episode in the book.

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