Irene Worthington Baron



STEELERS FANS: RESERVE AUGUST 4TH. Bring your towels to wave and hold up during the Zanesville, Ohio charitable event on the famous Y-bridge. The bridge is over the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum Rivers on State Route #40 in Zanesville. Fans should arr

 As an aerial photographer,  I have been asked to fly over the site to take aerial photographs. I will request pilot Art Moose to make two passes over the bridge beginning at eleven o’clock. On the first pass Steeler fans will wave their towels in the air.  During the second pass they will hold them up to be visible from the airplane. 

Participants entering the bridge at all three entrances at ten o’clock AM EST will be asked to give their address in order to receive an 8X10 copy of the commemorative photograph. The photograph fee is included in the cost of the event which is being organized by Toni Smith, nurse at the school. At this time, she has not set the donation fee. 

All proceeds for the event will go to the Starlight School Special Olympics fund.  

I understand the Steelers organization is asking fans to submit photographs of their “towel event” for a contest.  If this event wins their contest, the award will be donated to the Special Olympics fund of the Starlight School in Zanesville.

I would appreciate your passing this information on to Steeler fans.


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