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With the NASA research being conducted in the field of warp field mechanics, we may eventually witness a break through into faster than light travel. Star Trek fans can rejoice!

Harold The advanced propulsion warp drive research taking place at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston has been led by Dr. Harold “Sonny” White.  Dr. White is working within the Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory, Eagleworks.  If I had been born a little later, that is where I would want to be working right now. Hopefully, one day perhaps I'll be able to tour the Eagleworks labs. To realize that such research is taking place right now creates an inner excitement that nothing else could touch. Faster than light dreams are being turned into reality before our eyes. Actually, if it's faster than light, how could we see it? :-)

Here's a link to a 50-minute video in which Dr. White explains the designs for the faster than light ship. What is interesting is the concept of the rings encapsulating the space ship. There are several configurations artists have created using the mathematics provided by Dr. White. A link to images by one of the artists is: You will be amazed at the engineering which went into the designs. 

The whole idea is fascinating. Could propulsion systems for space travel be created in the next century? That so much research on faster than light propulsion is happening right now makes me wonder what the world will be like in 100 years. The spin-offs from that research may affect every single person on this globe. I hope Dr. White and the Eagleworks Laboratories have many younger persons working with them who will carry on the research into the future. I wish them all great success in their endeavors for faster than light travel.

NASA Eagleworks Poster

Once the Eagleworks labs create the faster than light propulsion, the decisions have to be made as to who will be the first individual or team to break the time/light barrier?

Since time travels at the speed of light, to travel faster than light will take the pilot/team into the future. The problem is, when they slow down, they will still be in the future. Scientists believe at this time that there is no way to go back in time. When they return to Earth one day, they will be returning to a date in the future. So, if someone does travel into the future, we won’t know about their success until that future time on Earth is reached through normal time events. If this remains true and such travel becomes common in the future, that would explain why no future human being has used time travel to return to a past time. As stated, right now it appears that it will be impossible to travel back in time, only forward. Perhaps that problem will be solved one day.

When solved, even though the well built mechanical starship will move through space and remain normal, the humans aboard will not. To give you an idea of the impact of traveling at the speed of light (186,000-miles per second), a ship traveling at that speed between the Sun  and Earth would make the trip of about 93,000,000-miles in 8-minutes. Warp speed, therefore, is not for traveling within our Solar System. It will be for traveling within the universe. Things happen to objects moving at ultra-high speeds.

In the atomic accelerators such as CERN, physicists have discovered that when objects are accelerated at very high speeds, the atomic particles of which the object is constructed behave as though they have increased in mass. With increased mass, everything slows down. Even the whirling motions of the electrons around the nucleus slow down.  All motion decreases.

If all motion slows down due to this apparent mass increase phenomenon, the cell division within individual body cells of humans whizzing though space will also slow down. If the cell division slows down, so also will the aging of the body. The body ages as cells divide.  Thus, not only will the space team be traveling into the future, they will not age at the normal rate. Once they accelerate into the future, persons on Earth would have aged at the normal rate while the warp drive participants would NOT have aged as much.

The faster they travel, the greater the slow down of cell division due to the apparent mass increase behavior of their bodies. So the faster they travel, the less they will age. This phenomena has created much curiosity. The warp drive will create such high speed travel.

Dr. White and his team have been trying to model the warp drive in miniature. He and his NASA team at the Houston site may demonstrate that faster than light propulsion is a reality. Then what?

Would you go out into space knowing you could not return to your normal time on Earth? That you could only return to a future Earth? Who will be the first volunteers? What might be some of the requirements to be a volunteer for such ventures? Would you volunteer?

I wonder if claustrophobia would occur when you can look upon the universe while encapsulated in a space ship? 









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