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This letter from Monterrey, Mexico is one of the positive messages I have received. The original was in Spanish and is printed below the English translation by Google. The translation is rough, in my opinion. I thought my blog followers would enjoy the upbeat love of Christ this man shows through his words.


RA. IRENE BARON have read your story and I feel fantastic! Indescribably beautiful!

I like the simplicity as it tells.

and especially as Christian I see God used it to send us this knowledge which you revealed in your book.

do I want to know if the book is in Spanish? I would love to read it

you found on the web, looking for information about the star of Bethlehem

And I found this great treasure trove of information. Since I'm doing a script of a film about the birth of JESUS, and of course includes the star of Bethlehem.

I would like to ask you a very special favor. could I authorize ud in the film script that I am writing to comment on your book and what you say in the.

I'm a dentist and I live in monterrey mexico. I have 57 years.

I'm writing the film guon most not be if this is to be filamr or not. Is that God has the control and the will it necessary so is film this script because that is a history wonderful the birth of JESUS. is that there are already many films on this subject. but my script is original and seen from the point of the spirit Holy of God, the control that the tube since then until now!

It's wonderful. also describe many details that almost no one knows of this wonderful story.! I have faith great faith. THAT THE FILM BE MADE.

not be nor when nor as? but the fairy God! the I would have wonderful doors to this realization .tengo three and a half years working on the project of the script. looking for information, taking courses of script and direction of cinema in end preparing me to do something that is worthy of God.


Thank you!! and ABUNDANTLY-bless the God!


AUTHOR NOTE: I replied to this reader he was welcome to use the information included in the book. I also requested he read the Gospel of James, a son of Joseph who traveled to Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph. His personal account was used in the early Christian Churches for several hundred years. I assume it was not put in the New Testament as it was primarily about Mary. If you are Christian and have not yet read the Gospel of James, it is available free on the Internet.  I didn't discover it until 2015 but have loved reading it many times and have since made presentations about that Gospel to numerous church groups. After one presentation of over 100-women, a lady told me, "I've never heard them so quiet! No one spoke through your whole talk, not even a whisper!"  She was quite animated about the quality of the information presented to the group. Each presentation raises many questions which are answered in the Gospel of James. I am currently preparing a free video of that presentation for the public. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them.

Original email comments:


He leído su historia y me parece fantástica ! indescriptiblemente hermosa!

me agrada la sencillez como lo narra.

y sobre todo como cristiana que soy veo que DIOS la uso para hacernos llegar este conocimiento que usted revela en su libro .

quisiera saber si el libro esta en español ? me encantaría leerlo

a usted la encontre en la web , buscando información sobre la estrella de BELEN

Y encontre este gran tesoro de información. ya que estoy realizando un guión de cine sobre el nacimiento de JESUS y pues por supuesto incluye la estrella de BELEN .

quisiera pedirle un favor muy especial . podría ud autorizarme que en el guión de cine que estoy escribiendo comentar sobre su libro y lo que usted dice en el.

soy una Dentista y vivo en monterrey mexico . tengo 57 años .

estoy escribiendo el guon de cine mas no se si este se vaya a filamr o no . Se que DIOS tiene el control y el hara lo necesario para que se filme este guión .ya que es una historia maravillosa el nacimiento de JESUS . se que ya hay muchos filmes sobre este tema . pero mi guión es original y visto desde el punto del ESPIRITU SANTO de DIOS , el control que el tubo desde entonces hasta ahora !

es maravilloso. también describo muchos detalles que casi nadie conoce de esta maravillosa historia.! tengo FE MUCHA FE . QUE SE REALIZARA LA PELICULA .

no se ni cuando ni como ? pero DIOS los hada ! el me habría puertas maravillosas para esta realización .tengo tres años y medio trabajando en el proyecto del guión . buscando información, tomando cursos de guión y dirección de cine en fin preparándome para hacer algo que sea digno de DIOS .





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