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I would not have been able to complete any research in the astronomy of the skies of 2000-years ago had I not received the shipment of astronomy programs from NASA. I used every one many times before beginning my research. I have been pleased to learn readers of my book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, have been able to confirm data in the book. 

Below is the list of astronomy programs I received from NASA many years ago. They were used in my classrooms by students doing independent study, completing research for class or extra credit, homework/classwork, make up work, and as assigned work. When students were in study hall, they were given permission to come to my science classroom and use the NASA programs on the computers as long as they didn't disturb the class in progress. Many students took advantage of the few computers we had.

I did not know these programs existed until they were received from what is now the NASA Space Center-Houston educational office. NASA educational materials were often requested and received for my class use. They were kept on file and used year after year as class sets by many teachers. The school and public libraries kept many lithographs, photographs, booklets and Fact Sheets in their vertical files.

My students were thrilled with the materials received from NASA, especially the Fact Sheets and photographs. The astronomy programs were considered phenomenal for my students loved astronomy. There was one senior student who told me there had been only one person in his life with whom he could discuss astronomy. When I asked who that was, he responded, "You." That was a thrill. I was pleased to learn he planned to enter the field of astronomy. I understand he is currently a professional astronomer. 

The titles of the programs received for public domain use from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) included: 

               Adjust Right Ascension & Declination for Precession

               Altitude Azimuth

               Altazimuth Calculator – Interpolator

               Angular separation – Two Stars



               Close Encounters


               Coordinates: Moon & Planets – Any Date


               Dynamic Planet Orbit Plotter for different Solar Masses

               Elongations & Transits of Polaris



               Ephemeris computer

               Equinoxes & Solstices

               Galilean Satellite Positions

\             Great Circle Distance

               Julian Day & Calendar Interchange

               Lunar Eclipse/Umbra

               Lunar & Solar Eclipse Calculations

               Mars: Next Opposition & Data

               Messier and NGC Catalogs

               Moon: Eclipses for Any Year

               Moon Finder

               Moon: Phases for Any Date

               Moon Phase Program

               Moon Phases

               Moon Plotter for Phases/Locations

               North Sky: A Computerized Star Chart

               Northern Star field


               Planet Coordinates

               Planet Data

               Planet Finder

               Planet Grand Tour

               Planet Locator and Solar System Simulator

               Planet Orbits

               Planet views


               RA & DEC ;Moon & Planets – Any Date

               Retrograde Motion of Mars

               Rise/Set/Transit & Star Time

               Satellite Passage

               Solar Eclipse #1

               Solar Eclipse #2

               Solar System Orrery

               Solar system: Rise Transit Set

               Spirografix – True Path Plotter

               Star & Nebula Locator

               Summing Stellar Magnitudes

               Sun Azimuth & Maximum Altitude


               Sunrise/Set Version #2

               Sunrise Sunset, Dawn & Dusk

               Sunrise/Sunset/Sun locations


               Time Dilation

               Time: Local Mean == Sidereal

      Times of rising and Setting of Mercury and Venus For  Any            Date                                                                   

               Twilight times: any Location

               Ursa Star Time

               Year Sunrise/Set & Twilight Calculator

               Zodiac Sunsigns


Private program : 

TellStar – Your Computer Graphics Window to the Universe.  Spectrum Holo Byte. 1982-1998. ( Scharf Software Systems, Inc., Suite 1068. 2111-M 30th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80301.)


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