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Is Homosexuality Caused by Waterborne Estrogen?       
by Irene Baron 

Birth-control-packagesAnything put on or in a human body eventually ends up in the ground water. Add to that the chemicals fed to or put on domestic animals and plants. Billions of tons of medicines and chemicals per year will eventually make their way to the water table, streams, rivers and oceans. They have been found in ocean water at coastal cities within the United States, especially around San Francisco.

Some of those chemicals include birth control medications,  penicillin, thyroid medications, steroids, insulin, pesticides, insecticides, weed poison, DDT, fragrances, fire retardants, household detergents, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), antidepressants, etc.

When I taught water purification in high school Earth Science, I had access to USGS published results of studies concerning chemicals found in ground water, streams and rivers. At one time, the amounts of estrogen found in waters throughout the United States created concern. Estrogen found in water was primarily chemicals from birth control pills excreted by females through urine. These chemicals have been in ground water since birth control pills came into existence for the public in 1960 as the first oral contraceptives. Imagine how much estrogen has been added to ground water since then.

A newly forming human embryo will absorb chemicals from beverages and food eaten by the mother and through her exposure to the environment.  If the mother has exposure to extra estrogen from ground water, the estrogen will most likely affect the forming child.

An article in Scientific American stated, “Researchers have found evidence that even extremely diluted concentrations of drug residues harm fish, frogs and other aquatic species, and have been shown in labs to impair human cell functions.”   Ever wondered why fish are being found with intersex traits of both female and male parts? Or why male fish begin producing eggs?

Human-embryo-cells. Now, consider the fetus of a child which should naturally grow into a male child. Give that child, at its critical life stage of dividing cells, an extraordinary amount of estrogen and imagine what happens. Just like animals in the wild exposed to such chemicals, a male human child may develop characteristics of the female.

There is some degradation of the chemicals in nature. The USGS stated, “The natural female sex hormone17ß-estradiol (estrogen) is made in the human body, and is an important chemical messenger related to female sexual development and reproduction. When concentrated in the environment by the disposal of treated wastewaters there is concern that elevated levels of 17ß-estradiol and other estrogenic chemicals can cause feminization of fish and wildlife exposed to the chemicals. Even though hormones are generally present in the environment near wastewater releases to streams and groundwater, they tend to absorb to sediment and/or degrade during transport.”

Even with degradation, some chemicals end up in drinking water. Water purification facilities for cities do not remove all chemicals from water prior to sending the water into the community for consumption. They only have to maintain the Federal Standards which do not include most of the chemicals listed above.

How can a female stop exposing their forming child or already born children from receiving estrogen and other contaminants from water?

Answer: Don’t drink unprocessed ground water.

Question: What water should be consumed?

Answer: Scientists suggest a reverse osmosis filter augmented with pre- an post-activated carbon filters. The author suggests that distillation of water removes most chemicals. She stated a gallon of distilled water in 2018 costs about 89-cents. She added, "Unfortunately, distillation also removes minerals.  If minerals are not supplied to the body with an excellent diet or supplements, the risk for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, hypertension, coronary artery disease and/or premature aging may result."  “The best choice,” said Cathy Sherman of the natural health website Natural News, “would probably be a combination of a reverse osmosis filter augmented by pre- and post-activated carbon filters.”

If you wish to keep your family safe from chemical water contaminants and micron sized particulates which enter the blood stream, seriously consider which options you might choose.  

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