Irene Worthington Baron


With reference to the book, UNRAVELING THE CHRISTMAS STAR MYSTERY, additional illustrations have been completed and changed to a PDF format.  They will illustrate the primary celestial birth announcements leading up to the position marker event.  I think everyone will be pleased with them as they were made from the computer printouts. I am making the paperback edition 5.5 X 8.5 with an easy to read font.  It should answer questions and will be easy to use in Bible studies as an index has been incorporated. 

When published as an ebook, I was informed that the electronic readers were all so different, there was no way page numbers could be attached. Evidently each were able to hold different quantities of words per page. Therefore, the digital company removed the index.  It will be easier for readers to refer to a subject knowing the page numbers where the topic can be located.  That will make the book easier to use for the home schooled and those in Bible study classes.

I have enjoyed suggestions readers have sent in and will try to incorporate them into the revised paperback edition. Thank you readers!  I would like your input as to the title.  Many persons have suggested the title should be: CHRISTMAS STAR MYSTERY UNRAVELED.  I would appreciate knowing what you think about that major change.

Meanwhile, I am about ready to publish the paranormal thriller, THE JOBURG PROJECT. These projects have kept me busy.  It's hard to stay inside and work on the computer when the outside weather is so beautiful.


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