Irene Worthington Baron

Format of Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery

Many persons have inquired as to whether Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery is available as a paperback or hardbound book.

At this time, the book is only available in the digital format.  I would hope that eventually a publisher will become interested in the book. Being a smaller book of 30,000 words, compared to a novel of 80,000 words, it would be economical for a small or large publisher to produce in hard copy.  Since the information it contains is historical, the book and astronomy information it contains will be available in digital format for years. The information it contains will not go out of date.

A major question I have been asked by many persons is, "What is the main message of the book?" 

There are many answers to that question. The book validates the story of Christ's birth in the Holy Bible. Science proves it. Any interested person with astronomy computer programs can validate the celestial happenings in the dawn sky at the time of Christ's birth.  They can then, by using their own resources or the ones listed in the book, coordinate those events with the symbols and resulting symbolisms used by the ancient star watchers to understand how the events were interpreted at that time in history. The interpretations show the ancients were able to predict the birth of the greatest God to be born in the Universe. The last event showed the exact location of His birth, in Bethlehem of Judea.  

I would recommend that persons who are not Christians perform this research for themselves.  When they do, they will most likely reconsider their current beliefs. Like the astronomers,wisemen,astrologers,cosmologists/magi/magicians of two-thousand years ago, they will realize their earlier religious beliefs were in error. I hope they would become Christians and worship the true God.



this is a greate work. our faith go bigger and bigger.

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