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Based on NASA astronomy computer programs, illustrated book proves the Christmas star and explains the astronomy behind the facts.


A book proving the existence of the Christmas star was recently awarded the First Place, Gold Medal as the “2013 Exemplary Christian Education Book” during the Illumination Book Awards. This easy to read illustrated book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, is now available in digital format.  

Facts surrounding the Christmas star are revealed. Ancient skies above Bethlehem of Judea were surveyed using NASA astronomy computer programs. Astronomical events, found and compared with symbols and symbolic interpretations used over 2,000-years ago, prove the birth date of Jesus Christ.  Several significant star events that occurred in the preceding months, verified with additional computer programs, describe the importance of the first God to be born on Earth. The last event, like a modern day GPS, gave the geographical position for the birth place of Jesus Christ. This research proves the event as written in the Bible is fact.

The  illustrated book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery by Irene Baron, was recently awarded the First Place Gold Medal as the 2013  Exemplary Christian Education Book during the Illumination Book Awards sponsored by the Jenkins Group. This award was designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year's best Christian Education title written and published with a Christian world view.

Written for understanding by readers ages 12 and older, it is an accurate and spellbinding account of the Christmas star phenomena. Basic astronomy is included in the book. The findings are based on proven astronomy computer programs, historical records, carvings and illustrations on ancient monuments, coins and legal seals dating back over 2,000 years, and Biblical passages. 

 “This is a significant historical discovery for Archaeoastronomy,” author and scientist Irene Baron said. "Movements of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars create precise and repeatable mathematical patterns. The patterns have allowed ancient and modern astronomers to predict what would happen in the night skies. Modern computer programs can create exact replicas of star patterns for any instant in time thousands of years in the past or future."

The Table of Contents include: Introduction, Biblical Records, Basic Astronomy, Ancient Symbolism, Christmas Star Events, The Wisemen, Computer Evidence, Computer Programs, Endnotes, Glossary, References, and Index.  

 Unraveling The Christmas Star Mystery may be purchased on line from or through bookstores.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Christmas-Star-author-Irene-Baron

 Irene Baron, M.A. Ed, educator and pilot, is certified to teach all high school science classes in Ohio and taught at the college level. Her favorite subjects to teach were Astronomy and Forensics.  Baron directed aerial photography and wrote the Geology & Hydrology chapters for the classified Mekong River Project book. She also wrote the  Operational Procedures Manual, Laboratory Material Division (all levels). Both publications were written for Battelle Memorial Institute, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Research & Development Center-Thailand. Baron has been a professional blogger. She lives with her rescue dog, Max, in Zanesville, Ohio.








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