Irene Worthington Baron


I have been working with the CreateSpace team to set up the paperback version of Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery. The new version has over 30 illustrations to enable easy understanding of the celestial birth announcements prior to the birth of Jesus Christ.

As yet I don't have the date for the release, but will post it when available. Like many of you, I would much rather have a hard copy of a book in my hands rather than read from an electronic device.  The Kindle digital reading device was downloaded for free onto my computer and is much appreciated.  I've checked out the electronic devices at different retailers and find they would become heavy in my hands during reading a long book.  I do use my telephone to read books and listen to the audio books from my telephone or CD's ... especially when traveling, but an actual book is so much more satisfying to read.

Thanks for the emails.  I sincerely appreciate all your positive comments.



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