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In this blog, I am referring to my book, Unraveling the CHRISTMAS STAR Mystery which will be published in paperback by mid-September 2012.  At least I am hoping that will be no later. It will be available at and other sources, including book stores which may carry it or be able to order it for you.

One guestion in my email letters asked about the possibility of interpreting present day celestial events using the symbols and symbolism of the ancient astronomers. Remember, the ancient astronomers  and sky watchers were also called priests, magi, magicians, alchemists, wisemen, etc.  They were considered the most intelligent persons in their kingdoms or nations. Just as present day astronomers are some of the most intelligent scientists with the needed mathmatical skills, they were also at the time of Christ over 2,000-years ago. 

Nations that studied the dawn skies were primarily nations which followed the symbols and symbolisms of ancient Babylon.  The astronomy techniques and methodology of Babylon were handed down over the centuries.  China had their own legends and symbols which were similar, but which originated separately, as far as can be determined.  Just as the Babylonians originated the horoscope to foretell the future, their methods are in use today.  You can find the horoscope sections in the daily newspapers and magazines using ideas based on what the Babylonians did over 4,000-years ago.  Some consider horoscopes like fairy tales. If you want to get the good out of them, read them all.  They are usually all good advice and positive in their message. 

One university astronomy professor once discussed horoscopes with a class. Upon collecting everyone's birthdate, at the next class he passed out what he described as everyone's horoscope and personality traits according to the stars.  He asked everyone if the personality traits fit them to raise their hand.  Almost everyone did.  He then asked them to trade with others to read their traits.  They were surprised to find that everyone had been given the identical data.  He quickly pointed out the commonalities of humans that allowed them to interpret their false individual horoscopes as true and meaningful.

Astrology is the "false science" in which horoscopes are read and followed by many. Astrologers believe the positions of objects in the sky influence humankind. Astrology in ancient Greece referred to those talking about the stars, or using "star talk."
Aster" is the prefix meaning "star" while "logos" refers to speech.

Astronomy is the "true science." Astronomers scientifically study all that is beyond Earth. It is important to know the difference between astrology and astronomy.  In the word astronomy, "nomos" is derived from the word "law." Thus astronomy can be interpreted to mean "starlaw." Astronomy is based on fact. Cosmologists are philosophers trying to explain how the universe originated and exists.

The priests of the Zorastrian religion in Persia, our present day Iran, were expecting the celestial announcement of their three predicted messiahs.  This is why many Bible scholars suspect at least one of the caravans of wisemen was from Persia.  Although that religion had not flourished, it is possible that remnants of the religion existed at the time of Christ. Expecting a messiah, they wanted to be there when the God was born.

In my blog yesterday, I related how the Moon eclipsing or covering Venus would have been interpreted by ancient astronomers at the time of Christ.  When you read and study my paperback book, I encourage you to use the reference section to find books to research at your local library.  If your library doesn't have the book you request, the reference librarians will order a copy for you on loan from another library.  I would hope my book would cause readers to learn more about astronomy and research more about the ancient astronomers.

Of course astronomers of today don't believe the movements of the celestial objects affect our every day life.  At the time of Christ, it was important for them to have their symbolism.  As a Christian, I believe at the creation our Heavenly Father put in motion all that needed to be accomplished in the fullness of time.  When the significant events were present in the heavens to predict the birth of Christ, astronomers on earth were using symbols and symbolism to correctly interpret those celestial happenings. They were able to predict the birth of the greatest God in the universe.  According to what happened in the dawn skies, all the other celestial gods bowed and showed submission to the new God, Jesus Christ.

Even though the events happened over 2,000-years ago, they are still exciting to study.  I am so pleased to have been able to use the mathematically precise astronomy computer programs that could be used with computers to find these events. 

I encourge everyone to continue learning about the skies.  Our universe is indeed beautiful.

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