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THE MINDREACHER SERIES - Book I- Published June 2019.

MINDREACHER-COVER-IRENE-BARONThe Mindreacher series of international thrillers creates a world that does not exist according to our "current knowledge of reality." Such speculative fiction changes over time as knowledge and technology change. This style of writing can be a precursor to future facts.

The President initiated his highly classified VESPER project to locate powerful telepaths, “mindreachers,” rumored to have been born decades ago in South Africa and hidden around the globe.

Former SEAL, Major Jon Coulter, USMC, is ordered to work with an innocent female telepath to find a mindreacher who can identify terrorists hell-bent on destroying the United States with nuclear weapons and, at the same time, determine how telepathy could be used in future combat situations.

MINDREACHER, the first novel in the mindreacher series,  is filled with terrorists, technology, telepathy, and global adventures of the American duo battling assassins from al-Qaeda groups and their amoebic offspring who don’t want to be identified.

Females of all ages will be thrilled learning about an innocent, middle-aged, telepathic heroine entangled in the intrigues of the government and her dangerous international search for a mindreacher. Male readers will empathize with the elite U.S. Marine Corps officer assigned to protect a reluctant telepath during death threatening events on land, water and in the air. Readers should expect surprises. Everyone will enjoy the humor.

The initial action-packed thriller in the mindreacher series blends current and future technology with paranormal activity. Not yet published, it has already attracted a broad spectrum of followers of all ages. The international and multicultural aspects of the novels heighten the reader's awareness of existing countries, cultures, religions, people and technology.  New York Gotham Writers workshop participants and others have compared "Mindreacher-The Jo'Burg Project' to a cross between the genres of the Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones. 



 …I was swept off my feet by a far more complex scenario. … what startled me about this story was just how different a path it took. It is loaded with psychological and scientific intricacies that really make you wonder. ... It's a bit like Jurassic Park but instead of dinosaurs its psychics. The science is dense and the ethical complications are thought-provoking. This book will change everything you think you know about psychics. I highly suggest this to anyone who loves science fiction or is interested in psychics. Author:
 Theophanes Avery

A terrific geopolitical sci-fi thriller. Mindreacher is a top-notch geopolitical sci-fi thriller that is epic in its scope, truly original and encyclopedic in its details. Irene imbues the novel with ideas that only someone with her amazing personal biography could bring to a novel of this kind. This is the second book of Irene's I've read and this one, like her Mary Knew, is written with such clarity that even the most complex concepts are very easy to grasp. In Mindreacher the United States faces nuclear destruction by terrorists unless a mindreacher - a person with telepathic power - can be found to assist in locating the terrorists. Enter a U.S. Marine who adds dash and heroism to the story that expands the globe. Remarkably, at the back of the novel is a detailed glossary and five pages of references (Did I mention the novel is filled with facts?). I highly recommend this book.  Author: Steve Carr 






FIRST PLACE GOLD MEDAL                                   
Exemplary Christian Education Book  
Illumination Book Awards
Gold Medal sponsored by the Jenkins Group.

Awarded in 2014
The Illumination Book Award was designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year's best Christian Education title written and published with a Christian world view.

The Christmas star has  been identified using NASA provided astronomy computer programs. Fifteen years of ancient sky events were electronically surveyed and correlated with symbols, symbolism and interpretations used by sky watchers over 2,000-years ago.  Additional significant celestial birth announcements just prior to Christ’s birth have been discovered and verified with additional computer programs. The first spectacular celestial events announced why the first Earth-born God would become the greatest God in the universe. The final Christmas star over Bethlehem was the geographical position marker for the birthplace of that God, Jesus Christ. This book has been written for readers ages 12+.  

Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery is a thorough, accurate and spellbinding account of the Christmas Star phenomenon based on numerous NASA computer programs, Biblical passages, historical records, illustrations on ancient monuments, coins and legal seals dating back three thousand or more years. The scientific data with ancient observations and beliefs form a precise explanation of the birth of Jesus and the associated phenomenon of the Christmas star. This text is a good source of information for the scholar, teacher, and population in general. Recommended highly for Biblical Scholars. H.J. Lewis, M.D. 

A very unique book that is quite thought provoking in its analysis and connections. Many have been critical of the Christmas star mystery as well as the wisemen, but Ms. Baron logically shows why this could be one of the strongest arguments "for" the validity of the claim adding yet another proof to the Christian apologists' belt. Well done. Jean Payens o "Paladin,"                           

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MARY-KNEW-BRONZE-MEDAL-FOR-IRENE-BARONMARY KNEW- A Biography of Mary From Ancient Scriptures 

THIRD PLACE BRONZE MEDAL                                   
Exemplary Christian Biography Book   
Illumination Book Awards
Bronze Medal sponsored by the Jenkins Group. 
Awarded in 2019

This historical narrative provides intricate details about the tribulations of Mary’s parents, Mary’s birth, her early life, Joseph’s reluctance, and the unusual events during the birth of Jesus. God named, blessed and ordained Mary before her conception to be the mother of His Son, Jesus. Angels informed her parents that Mary would be more blessed than any woman to be born on Earth. It documents a multitude of angels, miracles and fulfilling of ancient prophecies. It is a compilation of traditions and history from ancient scriptures that were used in Christian churches for hundreds of years.  James, Joseph’s youngest son, provided eye witness testimony.  He became a chief Apostle and was the first Christian Bishop of Jerusalem. 

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The story of Mary – the how, the why, the when - she became destined to become the Virgin Mother of God is revealed in the pages of the most enchanting book I read this year. Written with a simplistic elegance reminiscent of the Bible stories I read as a child, Irene Baron tells Mary’s story in such a haunting way that it consumed my thoughts when I wasn’t reading about her … Not only do I recommend this book to one and all, I believe it has the power to change the mind of even the most hardened non-believer. Carmen Baca
Facebook note from Carmen: "Oh, friends and readers—this really is the most enchanting book I read to date this year; I hope you go out and get your own copy if you’ve not already done so. Definitely 5 stars!"

Mary Knew: A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures by Irene Baron is an account of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Irene Baron has used ancient and biblical texts to produce a very personable read. Mary Knew is not designed to be read instead of the Bible, but alongside it. We know very little about the life of Mary, but Irene Baron has pulled everything together to produce this fabulous and very approachable account. Mary becomes a fully rounded 3D character in her own right, showing she is more than just the mother of Jesus. Set apart before she was born, the reader ‘feels’ the anguish, shame and desire experienced by Mary’s parents as they longed for a child. We share their elation when their hopes come true. Mary was a much-loved child, dedicated to God and used in a way her parents never imagined. Irene Baron has produced a very accessible for all account of the life of Mary. It is fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I could recommend it for Christians young and old, as well as those exploring the faith and those who just want to know more about the historical figure of Mary. I received this book for free. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.  Julia Wilson

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