Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery -
A Validation of the Bible

"You did a very nice job explaining the basics of astronomy and presenting the way the ancients studied and interpreted the “stars”. Your discovery that the ancient “astronomers” typically took their sightings at dawn is a real contribution. That should help in all types of historical and archeological studies. I’ve always heard people wondering about conjunctions, speculating about supernovas etc. Your careful explanations of how the expectation and conformational sightings of the ten solar system events would have been interpreted by and would have motivated the ancients seems to me a genuine contribution and eliminates the absurdity of starlight focusing through a barn window, or thereabouts."  J. Workman

"Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery is a thorough, accurate and spellbinding account of the Christmas star phenomenon based on numerous NASA computer programs, Biblical passages, historical records, illustrations on ancient monuments, coins and legal seals dating back three thousand or more years. The scientific data with ancient observations and beliefs form a precise explanation of the birth of Jesus and the associated phenomenon of the Christmas star.  This text is a good source of information for the scholar, teacher, and population in general. Recommended highly for Biblical Scholars.     H.J. Lewis, M.D.

“I think this is a well written book with a viable and interesting theory as to not only the truth of what the Star of Bethlehem was, but also detailing a listing of several celestial events leading up to the birth of Christ. These additional events served to alert the Wisemen who traveled to meet the Messiah.”

 “This book is written for a very wide audience, which I think makes it a wonderful book that could be appreciated by an adult audience, but also easily used with an audience as young as middle school. This opens up a lot of possibilities to use this in Sunday school or with youth groups, which were a big part of my childhood.”

“I appreciate that Ms. Baron kept the book at its current length, which made it a light, fun and interesting read. I would recommend this book to almost anyone with a 6th grade or higher reading level. I could also see this book being read by Christians undertaking a home schooling path.”

“This book helped bolster my faith, made me believe in the Christmas star and had me thinking more thoroughly about what it must have been like in the year preceding Christ's birth. All around a great read, especially during this time of year.”


 MINDREACHER-The Jo'Burg Project
A Paranormal Thriller

"The mindreacher concept is novel and refreshing. The action doesn't stop."   Justine Wittich, Editor, Author

"It was difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. A good read."   Vicki Whitacre, M.D. , A First Reader

"This novel reads like a blend of Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones. Full of excitement!"     Sandy Wickersham McWhorter, Editor, Author 

"I was fascinated to learn so much about the human mind. I didn't want it to end." Kathy Brantley, First Reader

"Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down."   Catherine Frompovich, Editor/Creative Writing Instructor/Author