Irene Worthington Baron

The Mindreacher Series 
International Speculative Fiction adventures

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MINDREACHER-The Jo'Burg Project

From secret corridors under JFK International Airport ...

When told the only way to identify terrorists was by reading their minds, The President secretly created VESPER, the Virtual ExtraSensory Perception Experimental Research Project.  Housed in forgotten corridors under New York’s JFK International Airport, the project mission is: find telepaths strong enough to locate terrorists by flying over cities.

A group of babies born in Johannesburg, South Africa 30-years earlier were rumored to have been superior telepaths. Their frightened families hid them around the globe and were forgotten. If these now middle-aged adults were located and their telepathy proven, they could form a cadre of telepaths for the VESPER Project. Can they be located?  Would they dare join VESPER in a dangerous hunt for terrorists?

A USMC officer, recovering from combat wounds and wary of psychics, is assigned as liaison between VESPER and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. When he identifies a mediocre telepath of a psychic event and takes her to VESPER, he's assigned as her bodyguard. She's requested to find a Jo'Burg telepath. Threatened and abused for her telepathic skills as as a child, she kept them hidden.  At VESPER they would be exposed and perhaps bring desired respect. Caught between using known military tactics or listening to the advice of a telepath, the USMC bodyguard must make decisions to succeed in this mind boggling and treacherous mission.

Terrorists working to destroy American airports fear identification by telepaths. The fate of the United States lies in the hands of Ana and her bodyguard.

A note to persons interested in adventure novels with a paranormal twist:

Females of all ages will be thrilled learning about the innocent, middle-aged, telepathic heroine entangled in the intrigues of the government and her dangerous international search for a mindreacher. Male readers will empathize with the elite U.S. Marine Corps officer assigned to protect a reluctant telepath during death threatening events on land, water and in the air. Everyone will enjoy the humor.

The initial action-packed book in the mindreacher series blends current and future technology. Not yet published, they have already attracted a broad spectrum of followers. The international and multicultural aspects of the novels heighten reader awareness of existing countries, their cultures, religions, and people.  New York Gotham Writers workshop attendees, writers from the Central Ohio Fiction Writers organization and others have compared 'Mindreacher-The Jo'Burg Project' as a cross between the genres of the Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones. 

First Reader Reviews:

"The mindreacher concept is novel and refreshing. The action doesn't stop."  Justine Wittich, Editor 
"It was difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. A good read." Vicki Whitacre, M.D.
"This novel reads like a blend of Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones. Full of excitement!" Sandy Wickersham McWhorter, Editor
"I was fascinated to learn so much about the human mind. I didn't want it to end." Kathy Brantley
"Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down." Catherine Frompovich, Editor

In the first book of the mindreacher series a 50-caliber ROBAR sniper rifle is used by a Sri Lanka terrorist in Laos. In this image, author Irene Baron practices with a 50-caliber ROBAR rifle on a 1-inch thick steel target 500-yards distant to experience the feel of the weapon. The bulls eye was hit continuously!Author-Irene-Baron-practices-with-sniper-rifle She commented, "What an experience! I love this rifle! So smooth. No recoil."  Baron also studied the USMC instructor manual for teaching men how to become snipers. She stated, "You have to write about something you know.  I needed to know what it was like to fire large caliber rifles. After my readers cover that section of my first novel, they'll know what it feels like to fire a sniper rifle." Readers can learn more about Robar services and products at:

She sincerely thanks members of the U.S. Marine Corps (retired) that provided the various sniper rifles , ammunition and firing range for her use.   

Women readers of all ages will enjoy learning about the innocent, middle-aged, telepathic heroine entangled in the intrigues of the government and her dangerous international search for a strong mindreacher. Men will enjoy the Indiana Jones type of excitement and empathize with the elite U.S. Marine Corps officer assigned to protect the telepath. Everyone will enjoy the thrills, danger, and humor.

This initial action-packed suspense of the Mindreacher series blends future technology with telepathic activity. It has attracted a broad spectrum of followers of all ages. Editors and readers fall in love with the exciting adventures of the key characters. The international and multicultural aspects of the novels heighten the reader's awareness of existing countries, their culture, religions and people.

Some readers have compared this book to a genre cross between Robin Cook and the X-Files. Others compare it to a genre cross between Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones.