Irene Worthington Baron

Robar RC 50 BMG Precision Sniper Rifle

In my book THE JO'BURG PROJECT, there is an incident with a sniper.  In addition to other resources, I had read the U.S. MARINE CORPS SCOUT/SNIPER TRAINING MANUAL. I needed more information and made an inquiry to a dear friend.  He offered to let me use his Robar RC 50 Caliber Precision Sniper Rifle.  We did that this morning.  There was no adjustment needed to the scope.  I shot at the 1"-thick steel target at 500-yards.  I am glad to announce my shots were in the center of the bullseye.  Upon inspecting the target later, I was very impressed with the actual target.  It was set up on a farm in southeast Ohio where I have often gone for target practice.  All the practice was accomplished to help me in my writing of the paranormal thriller series I am working on. 

This target practice today was phenomenal.  I first shot the .223 Finnish made Sako rifle.  It was sweet.  The Robar I expected to recoil.  It didn't.  I held it tight to my shoulder over a padded jacket.  The 25-pound rifle had a 2-leg bipod mounted to enable it easy to control the rifle angle.  This is definitely a one-shot-one-kill rifle.  With such precision, I can see why the U.S. Marine Corps uses it.  I was so excited to have this opportunity.  It enabled me to create a beautiful addition to the sniper episode in my book.  Wait until you read it.  You'll love that part.

In the U.S. Marine Corps training manual, emphasis was given to breath control.  They trained by taking a deep breath and letting it out.  Take another and let it out just a little.  I did that. The rifle was steady and didn't waiver one bit with that breath control.  Prior to that just holding my breath it waivered a lot.  Great manual.  I recommend it to writers.

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